We will continue to contribute to a sustainable society.
This is the passion engraved in our history of over 100 years.
We have recently published the "Tatsumi Shokai Sustainability Commitment" with the aim of enhancing our corporate value and
achieving medium-to-long term growth by solving social issues.
The fact that we have been in business for more than 100 years since our establishment in 1920. It shows our business are essential
to the world, of which we are proud.
As a total solution company, we will continue to stay as "a beloved company" for the next 100 years and keep committing for
a sustainable society.
Six categories of
materiality for
SDGs activity.
Tatsumi Shokai has set six sectors of materiality as its
sustainability goals.
With the mission to "keep providing essential logistics
services to society" in mind, we will continue to contribute to
sustainable growth and solving social difficulties.
Safety First!- Safety & Security -
Our most important management philosophy is
"Safety is our top priority".
Pursuing decarbonization and
energy conservation- Environmental Issues -
We drive decarbonization and conservation with our
environmental-minded logistics.
Lively workplace- Employee Satisfaction and
Gender Equality -
We respect the individuality, diversity, and rights of
all employees, and strive hard for our team well-being.
Together with people in the community- Local Community -
We appreciate very much support from the
local community for one century.
We do continue to requite society with
philanthropic activity like our own
scholarship management system, etc.
Stay being trusted.- Compliance -
We comply domestic and international laws and regulations,
and continue to grow as a company trusted
by society and our customers.
R&D in logistics circle.- Technological Innovation -
We always challenge technological innovation and
transformation so that society and
our customers can meet social responsibility.
Take Action! Sustainable Development Goals!